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Muchisimas paginas con innumerables recursos

Esta es una cantidad importante de distintos sitios.
Espero que les sirva.

Integrated Chinese Materials
Integrated Chinese Materials from UC Berkeley
Integrated Chinese Home Page from the University of Hawaii
Web Resources for Integrated Chinese (University of Hawaii)
Sentence Patterns for Beginning Chinese from UC Davis
Games Created for Integrated Chinese by Mary Jacobs at UC Davis
Exercises to accompany lessons 1-10 of Integrated Chinese from Colby College
University of Virginia Chinese Exercises
Integrated Chinese Materials Part 1 and Part 2 from SDSU
Animated Characters to accompany Integrated Chinese from USC.
Textbook Audio Files for Integrated Chinese from the University of Delaware.
The Chinese Reading World - Beginning and intermediate reading lessons with audio from the University of Iowa
Liwin's CyberChinese Calligraphy - Sound, pinyin, and animated characters from CyberChinese. All the characters from Practical Chinese Reader I.
PCR Learning Aids - Many materials for students and teachers using Practical Chinese Reader. Audio, video, games, grammar notes, and more!
Practical Chinese Reader (Book I) Text Recording and Video Clips By Tim Xie, California State University, Long Beach
Practical Chinese Reader Games Lesson 1-14 by Preston Wei.
PCR Book I, Audio Files
PCR Book III, Lessons 1-28 Text and audio
Pinyin and Pronunciation
Chinese Pronunciation Guide from Harvard University
Pin-Yin Romanization An explanation in English of Pinyin and how it works
Pinyin Chat from - Practice your Pinyin while communicating with others from around the world
Practice Your Pinyin from the University of Iowa
Cantonese Pronunciation Dictionary by S.L. Wong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Learn Cantonese! - Page with resources for students of Cantonese, flashcards, sound files, etc.
Learning Cantonese - Sound files for the basics.
Real Time Interactive Demo from KanHan Technologies - Input (or cut-and-paste) either traditional or simplified characters to hear them pronounced in Cantonese.
Yamada Language Center Cantonese Links Mandarin
Chinese Language Tools includes a Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary, annotation and pronunciation tools, pinyin with tone marks, and more. NEW!
Chinese Character Flashcards Test your pin-yin and Cantonese romanization. Also shows English translation.
Chinese Character Geneology
Chinese Character Tutor Animated page by Dr. Tianwei Xie. See his complete resource page below.
Chinese Dictionaries
Chinese Language Teachers Association Links Many resources chosen by Chinese Language Teachers
Chinese Language Information Page
Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online by Tianwei Xie. 15 units of basic expressions. Included are units on getting acquainted, family, time, food, etc. You'll see the characters, pinyin, and hear the pronunciation of each expression.
Elementary Chinese Online Material by CCSF instructor Joyce Liou. Study Chinese online through CCSF . (from Austin, Texas) See the picture, read the text, hear the pronunciation (just guide your mouse over the picture, no clicking!) Alphabet, numbers, many categories of vocabulary. A wonderful resource. NEW!
Learning Chinese Online Page by Dr. Tianwei Xie (CSU-Long Beach) Everything you need on-line for studying Chinese. in English and in Chinese. Online lessons, pinyin charts, grammar explanations, lots of sound. Beijing Normal University
Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning as developed and offered at La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia -Chinese-related web pages with a focus on Chinese language learning for English speakers. (Includes animated characters.)
Resources for Teaching and Learning Chinese from Dartmouth University
Teaching and Learning Chinese by Professor Jianhua Bai at Kenyon College. Resources for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners, and for instructors.
USC Chinese Department - Character Page - Learn how to write characters.
Video Clips of Survival Chinese This useful page has just what it says, video clips of situations containing phrases you might need when visiting a Chinese speaking country. There are also interactive exercises based on the clips. Units include, hotels, shopping, asking directions, the post office, and more.
Chinese Annotation Tool - Converts characters to pinyin and gives definitions in English.
Chinese Characters Dictionary Web "The major Chinese character dictionaries on the web are interlinking at a character-to-character level allowing visitors to quickly jump across dictionaries to check the same character entry without having to search again for the character..."
Search Engines
Google (Chinese)
Top Chinese Sites (in Chinese only).
Yahoo! China Traditional Characters
Yahoo! China Simplified Characters
Yahoo! Hong Kong
Yahoo! Taiwan
YamWeb Navigator Search engine from Taiwan in Chinese or English Links are organized by subject; Arts, Humanities, Culture, Natural Sciences,News, etc.
BBC World Service - Cantonese News of the world from the BBC in Cantonese - Includes sound files in RealAudio format. Download RealPlayer here.
BBC World Service- Mandarin See above - this one's in Mandarin.
China News Digest Links to news, photo archives, tech help and reference information for Chinese software, literature, Hua Xia Wen Zhai, a Chinese magazine on the internet, and MORE!
China Times Newspaper from Taiwan
People's Daily - from the PRC (in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic)
Voice of America - News in Chinese. See and hear the news in Chinese. Use the vocabulary lessons to learn idiomatic expressions.
Government Information Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China - Includes a page of links to government (PRC) websites, consulates, embassies, and press.
National Science Council of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Welcome to China Information about the People's Republic of China by the PRC government.
Culture and History
Cultural Revolution
Chinese Holocaust Memorial - in Chinese and English
Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution - mostly in Chinese with some pages in English
Morning Sun: A Film and Website about the Cultural Revolution - in English
Traditional Culture
The Arts - from the Government Information Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Traditional and contemporary art. Many links to information about traditional and contemporary Chinese culture. Also links to and The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Web Sites . Many links to information about both modern and traditional Chinese culture and language.
China the Beautiful - Chinese Art and Literature
Chinese Culture Home Page from the Mining Company.
East Asian Music Notes and Sounds by CCSF Music instructor Joshua Law. Hear traditional Chinese instruments.
Global Chinese Language and Culture Center Online - from the ROC (Taiwan). In Chinese, English, and Spanish.
Holidays and Festivals in Taiwan from the ROC Government Information Office. Links to information about Lunar Festivals and to a Calendar of Holidays and Festivals.
Traditional Chinese Culture - Links from Dr. Marjorie Chan. This is an incredible resource.
Moon Festival. The San Francisco Chinatown Moon Festival website. See pictures of the festivities, read about the moon goddess, get recipes for mooncakes and more.
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year from the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
Chinese New Year Festival and Parade in San Francisco
Chinese New Year Events in San Francisco
Chinese New Year for Kids.
Chinese New Year from Chinatown Online (UK)
Chinese New Year from the Taiwan Government
More Chinese Links
China Window Information about many cities and regions of China. Links to newspapers, radio and tv stations and more.
China Maps from the Perry-Castañeda LibraryMap Collection at the University of Texas.
China Today Information about the People's Republic of China from China Infohighway Communications Co.
China Tour Links to information about visiting China. Maps, exchange rate, embassies, visa information, weather, and more.
Digital Chinese Library from the Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley Links to publications in English and Chinese, maps, other references, and more.
Dr. Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks - from Ohio State University, a wealth of links for Chinese language learning
East Asian Library at UC Berkeley. An extensive list of Asian studies resources from throughout the world
Harvard University Chinese Program Web Page
Internet Guide for China Studies - China WWW Virtual Library
On-line Chinese Tools Reference, Software, Translation, and much more.
Open Directory Project - This site strives to be the definitive catalog of the Web. It is developed and maintained by a community of "net-citizens" who are experts in their areas of interest. Organized by topic and also by province.
Rubbings of Chinese Inscriptions from the UC Berkeley East Asian Library.
Taiwan Map - Type in an address and see the map for any location in Taiwan. Try the English or Chinese versions.

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